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ISRAR Canada is one of the ISRAR group portfolios of companies that is merely focused on innovative products and solutions. We are the innovative technologies hub for the group to provide business development, technology transfer, project development, and link these technologies with business opportunities internally and worldwide. We help to facilitate the commercialization of new technologies and inventions to bring them to market.

ISRAR has created a portfolio of a group of operating companies and global partners. Each is specialized and focused on its relevant business sector, armed by a highly competent professional team, long years of experience, and an unmatched commitment to exceeding clients’ satisfaction. 

ISRAR and its operating companies have long years of experience and a track record providing innovative solutions that span various services and industries. New inventions, IT, telecom, software and hardware development, engineering and design, cybersecurity, multimedia, automotive services, construction, automation and transformation, safety, renewable energy, project management, consultancy, and training.

ISRAR partners with global technologies and product suppliers to provide you with the best solutions and products that are the best fit for your business needs.

ISRAR provides integrated hardware solutions, tailored software systems, and automation for the industrial sector, private and public utilities companies. We assist businesses in their digital transformation projects and make their journey toward industry 4.0 a pleasant one.

ISRAR provides a complete ICT ecosystem, from the system’s core to end-user devices, that are affordable, simple to deploy, and scalable for mobile communication, information technology, IoT products, solutions, and services.

ISRAR has a long track record in building PV solar farms, providing solutions and services, and operating and managing renewable energy projects.

ISRAR experienced and knowledgeable engineers and management team will provide you with an unbiased professional approach to any technology challenging situation. We strive to provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your business needs, whether it is one of our products or our business partners’ products.

ISRAR professional technical and management teams relentlessly work on expanding their technology portfolio of products and services to help you achieve your business goals with peace of mind.

ISRAR Core Values

Our core values enable us to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust with all the stakeholders involved in its projects, from development right through the operation.

Deploy innovative technology through knowledge and experience and continuously challenge ourselves to provide the best solutions for our clients’ business needs. 

Empower our individual strengths, support each other to deliver teamwork results with the highest integrity

Take full ownership and accountability in supporting our customers to exceed their business needs with the highest quality

Deliver the highest level of professionalism as we carefully listen to our customer’s needs, communicate with them with respect, and relentlessly work to maintain the highest satisfaction.

ISRAR Mandate

ISRAR’s mandate is to supply carefully crafted solutions, with high-quality products and software, with experienced and skilled engineers and staff providing you with comprehensive technical knowledge and service to empower our customers to select and implement smart solutions.

Our integrated approach not only connects equipment and run software, but it also connects processes and people to improve availability, quality, and performance, to maximize operational efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, business returns, and success. Our end-to-end approach is from Project Definition, Design, Build, and Operation to achieve success.


ISRAR team has years of experience in rendering technology and innovative solutions make us an ideal partner for project development, implementation, management, operation, and maintenance.

ISRAR is armed with skilled professional teams with years of engineering and management experience, in-house developed technologies and products, tailored solutions, and excellent support services track record.

ISRAR engineering and management teams can deploy the best solution that fits each project’s nature and business needs in the most cost-effective way, with the highest quality.

ISRAR total solution portfolio is a combination between solutions we innovate and render services directly by our teams, and additional integrated solutions in collaboration with our sister companies and business associate partners. We all come together as one team to provide what we call a total solution.

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