• Innovative Video reduction technology that reduces video file size to an extremely low size while maintaining the highest video quality/resolution, and frame rate.
  • It reduces storage space, footprint space, energy consumption,  bandwidth needs, capital investment, and Co2 while delivering high-quality and resolution video and increasing your ROI and service quality.

Product Description

The total number of internet users is increasing, reaching over 60% of the global number, where video traffic represents over 80%, and an estimated number of smartphones are exceeding 17B units by the year 2024.

Live video is increasing in staggering numbers yearly and Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) traffic will increase 20-fold in the very near future. Video Streaming where Video Conferencing (VC) and Video On Demand (VOD) are the major culprits, and with the new order of doing business and lifestyle online and remotely, this has created a need for better video compression technology where the video VOD and/or live stream need to be highly compressed while maintaining the highest video quality/resolution and frame rate.

The technology we implement is capable of compressing the video up to 80% of its original size while maintaining the highest quality/resolution and frame rate. We can also change the video format. The technology can be applied on VOD and live video streams.

Technology Benefits:

  • Reduce storage needs.
  • Reduce bandwidth requirements.
  • Reduce capital investment due to lower storage needs.
  • Utilize existing investment due to better utilization of the storage needs.
  • Reduce power usage due to lower hardware needs.
  • Energy-saving, and reduce CO2 pollution.
  • Reduce maintenance.
  • Save time with the better video quality.
  • Lower bandwidth reach, serve more customers everywhere.
  • Lower bandwidth, high quality, better online education experience.
  • Better social and business video communications.



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