• Injector Cleaning System
    • QD02 Gasoline
    • QD03 Gasoline
    • QD05 Diesel


Product Description

QD02, QD03 and QD05 are Patented Injector Cleaning System Flush Machine with Coil Hoses (10 ft. long). Fibre glass (one litre) capacity canister with Basic Fittings is the ultimate injector cleaning system for all vehicles and light trucks. 

They come with an easy clip attachment to be easily attached to hoods, panels, or virtually anywhere needed. Providing a highly effective “on engine” cleaning of the entire fuel system. 

This small, compact, and easy to use machine is run completely by pressurized shop air. Engineered with special aluminum construction for heavy commercial industrial duty use and has been valued in the USA and worldwide for for its durability and reliability.

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