• QDS71 Turbo: QWIK Draw Stationary Hybrid Coolant and Power Steering Flush and Exchange Machine
  • 10-liter power steering  / 40 liters coolant capacity

Product Description

QDS71 Turbo: QWIK Draw Stationary Hybrid Coolant and Power Steering Flush and Exchange Machine with 10-liter power steering  / 40 liters coolant capacity.

The patented Qwik Draw ™ Stationary Hybrid Coolant & Power Steering is an advanced, one-of-a-kind flush and exchange machine that is the fastest and most environmentally friendly coolant and power steering exchange machine in the industry.

The QD7S1 exchanges coolant and vacuum air pockets in under five minutes without spills or removing the hoses. Additionally, by turning a single valve, the precise exchange of fluid directly from the power steering pump reservoir can be achieved with no overflow, due to an automatic shut-off, in less than three minutes. The 10-foot long stainless steel spill-free telescopic trash chute keeps the shop floor clean and safe.

The QD7S1 has a convenient tech tray to hold tools, additives, and accessories.

Main Features:

  • Flushes and changes automotive coolant in less than 5 minutes and eliminates air pockets. 
  • Quickly flushes power steering fluid in less than 3 minutes, automatically shutting off once the service is completed. 
  • The QD7S1 is engineered with special stainless steel and aluminum components and is designed for heavy commercial use. 
  • Delivers a durable, reliable, and maintenance-free operation. 
  • No drains to open and no hoses to cut off, preventing any spills on the shop floor. 
  • 10-liter power steering and 40-liter coolant capacity.
  • Clear fiberglass tanks allow for easy monitoring of old and new fluids. 
  • Energy-saving, no electricity or batteries required. 
  • Color-coded control valves for easy use on each panel on each side. 
  • 100% environmentally safe, prevents spills of any kind of lubricants or fluids on the shop floor. 
  • No hazardous chemicals for the technician to come in contact.
  • Stainless steel gun counsel holds 14 different canister oil gun dispensers. 
  • Tech tray with zigzag tool holder organizer. 
  • Drip safe box with 2 funnel holders with special old fluid collection tubes. 
  • 10-foot long stainless steel or aluminum telescopic trash chute holder collector. 
  • 2 fender cover holders. 
  • Aluminum dividers and organizers of all kinds of spray cans, fluids, lubricant bottles, etc. 
  • Shop towel (rag’s) holder compartment organizer. 
  • Stainless steel drip-free drain drip fluid bottle box holder. 
  • Aluminum engraved tag’s name and number all different kinds of lubricants. 
  • 24/7/365 Free Lifetime Technical Support. 
  • 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
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