SP2 FR Bucket
  • SP2-FR: Fire & Flame retardant and heat resistant.



Product Description

Smart Penetration products line are smart solutions developed for special challenging conditions, including permanent self-sealing waterproofing system, fire and flames retardant and resistant products, heat resistance, petrol and oil Sorbent solutions, nanotech for self-cleaning, engine efficiency and fuel consump􀀏on saving, water evaporation reduction prevention, and water retention solutions. The SP product line is ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Smart Penetration products are protected by a trademark and patent registration certificates. Smart Penetration products comply with international standards and tests such as ASTM, ISO, BS, US EPA, TPH, UL, and FM. We continuously work on enhancing our products, and update tests and compliance list. Smart Penetration products are SAFE “Simple, Affordable, Fast and Environment friendly”. Most of Smart Penetration products are water-based, and they are non-toxic, long life, easy to apply, durable, natural, and highly efficient.

SP2 FR and SP2 FR Ultimate fire retardant and heat resistant products are multipurpose use and are used for both interior and exterior surfaces, and many absorbent materials. Comes in two forms, the transparent spray, and the gel form products that each can be applied to specific materials. SP2 FR fire-retardant coatings are multipurpose products that can be applied to many materials made of wood, fabric, cloth, plastic, paper, cardboard, concrete, brick, gypsum board, polystyrene, sponge, electric wires, and many more. SP2 FR and SP2 FR Ultimate fire retardant spray and gel products are water-based saturant that soak into the material and bond with the fibers. They lasts until they are washed out purposely, as the exterior use of SP2 FR fire retardants do not weather out after exposure. SP2 FR when applied to a material, it won’t catch fire again as it prevents it.

  • Help prevent flames from spreading.
  • Provides exceptional protection from heat and fire.
  • Applicable to many absorbent materials.
  • Inhibits toxic smoke to develop.
  • Smooth and thin grade finish.
  • Easy to apply and store.
  • No shelf-life limitations.
  • No special equipment is required.
  • Excellent surface coverage.
  • Economically priced.
  • Non-toxic clear coating.
  • Fast drying and curing times.
  • Pre-applied to the material during fabrication.
  • Used for interior or exterior applications.
  • It does not need to be periodically reapplied.
  • Cleaned up with soap and water through brushing.

SP2-FR / SP2-FR Ultimate Products Information: SP2 FR Product 2021



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