SP4 Nano Clean Spray02

SP4 Nano is a nano coating protection and self cleaning.

Product Description

Smart Penetration products line are smart solutions developed for special challenging conditions, including permanent self-sealing waterproofing system, fire and flames retardant and resistant products, heat resistance, petrol and oil Sorbent solutions, nanotech for self-cleaning, engine efficiency and fuel consump􀀏on saving, water evaporation reduction prevention, and water retention solutions. The SP product line is ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Smart Penetration products are protected by a trademark and patent registration certificates. Smart Penetration products comply with international standards and tests such as ASTM, ISO, BS, US EPA, TPH, UL, and FM. We continuously work on enhancing our products, and update tests and compliance list. Smart Penetration products are SAFE “Simple, Affordable, Fast and Environment friendly”. Most of Smart Penetration products are water-based, and they are non-toxic, long life, easy to apply, durable, natural, and highly efficient.

SP4 Nano is Repellent and Resistance: Makes cleaning easier with a scratch resistance capability. Water, soil and liquids simply slide off the surface of coated components, thereby helping prevent deposits and extending the time between cleanings. It is a coating that can be applied to multiple surfaces, and some surfaces require different concentration levels to suit its characteristics to maximise the benefits.

  • Water Repellent
  • Dirt Repellent
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Surface Protection
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Friction Reduction
  • Anti Fog
  • Anti Icing

SP4 Nano Benefits:

  • Repels water, oils, and dirt
  • Hard coating highly abrasion resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy application
  • Cost effective, and fast to apply
  • Inorganic UV resistant
  • Invisible Nano-scale thickness
  • Easy to clean / self cleaning effect
  • Outstanding and unmatched coverage rates

Anti-Icing: Imparts anti-icing properties that reduce ice adhesion.

Anti-Fog: It has an exceptional performance that resists fogging in aggressive conditions.

Anti-Corrosion: High Corrosion Protection, Increased surface durability, Protection against Oxidation, Extreme protection from chemicals and solvents.

SP4 Nano Product Information: SP4 Nano Product 2021


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